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tinymovies's Journal

tiny movies;
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Animated Icons!

Welcome to tinymovies, an animated icons sharing community.

There's a lot of icon communities all around Livejournal, why not a specific community for animated ones? Image Ready!wh0re, time for glory!

. . . .♥ rules

× Use an lj cut after 3 icons.
× Only animated graphics/icons are allowed.
× Please tag your posts for better search results.
× Fake cuts are allowed. Just don't disable comments in your post here or your post will be deleted without notice.
× Respect other members; give credit when asked.
× Spoilerish Animations belong behind a cut, please.

your moderators are runawaytomars and blue_raine
. . . .
♥ affiliates

Affiliation requests can be made here.

community created by runawaytomars. Layout by mentahelada, background by loveicon

link. link. link. link. profile.